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mini whiteboards!

August 26, 2010

Honors physics seems to be chugging along using the constant velocity model, so I decided to pull out some pretty classic problems about average speed and velocity, and use them as a chance to play with the new mini whitboards I made this summer.

If you haven’t played with whiteboards in your class, you can easily make a set of 6 big (24 x 36) whiteboard for kids by going to home depot and purchasing a big sheet of tileboard (~$15), and cutting it up into six pieces. This summer, I decided to have one sheet cut into smaller (12×12) board so that I can try to use them for some individual peer instruction type work.

I pretty much followed the standard peer instruction format with the class: 1. try this on your own. 2. Show me your whiteboard 3. I make a few comments and direct them to discuss as a group, and then they usually come to the correct answer by consensus.

In general, this worked great. As always, the kids make some pretty classical mistakes as they try to solve these problems, but since they were working on a whiteboard, I could easily see what they were doing, and then push students to really talk to each other.

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