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Physics Teacher Camp

This year, disappointed with not being able to attend the national AAPT meeting, I decided to roll my own workshop and invite a bunch of physics bloggers who I respected to gather for four days to see what we might accomplish. The result was Physics Teacher Camp, which turned out to be one of the very best forms of professional development I’ve ever experienced, and for the host school, one of the biggest bangs for the buck one could imagine for teacher development. I wrote a series of posts describing how Physics Teacher Camp was organized, and daily summaries of what we did.

Here are the posts:

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  1. August 5, 2012 10:59 pm

    Some of my favorite people doing this! Wish I could be there . . . . maybe we can get to host some of the videos? I would love to use them as goal less problems . . . can these also be uploaded to Dan Meyers 101qs site? jc


  1. Day 1 of Physics Teacher Camp: This could be big « Quantum Progress
  2. Turning Classic Physics Problems into Lab Practicums: Featuring the Patrolman and the Speeder | A Physics Microcosm

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