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The Return of Virtual Coaching

December 2, 2013

In a semi-recent post, I discussed the incredible benefits I got from having Eugenia Etkina visit my classroom and coach me. I’ve also tried before to get some sort of virtual coaching going, but it’s always seemed a bit cumbersome. Here’s my latest effort to simplify this.

Here’s what I’m offering: I’d like you to visit my classroom virtually and give me some coaching.
What will you get in return: I’ll do the same for you.

Here’s my schedule of teaching for now until the end of the year. You’ll notice that since I work at a boarding school, I even have ultra convenient Saturday classes that you can observe from the comfort of your breakfast table in pajamas.

All I ask is that you email or tweet me a few days ahead of time to tell me what class you’d like to visit, and let me know what class of yours you’d like me to return the favor for (I’m generally free when I’m not teaching). I’ll reply and we can work out the details of exactly what I’d like you to look for, etc.

Then on the day of the coaching, I’ll bring you into class via Skype or Google hangout on an iPad.

After we visit each other’s classes, we will set up another Skype/G+ session to debrief.

I hope I’ll be able to do one of these a week. I also don’t want to limit this to just coaching in physics. One of the things I’m really working on is trying to improve discussion in my classes, so if you teach a discussion based English or History class, I’d welcome your feedback and want to see what you’re doing as well. I’m also itching to have a chance to see some math teaching again as well.

If this turns out to be a hit, maybe we can figure out some way of creating some sort of service to match folks up who are interested in doing this.

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