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UBFPM Paradigm Labs

November 9, 2013

I’m in the market for new ideas for a paradigm lab for the unbalanced forces unit, so I turned to twitter, and as usual, the awesome physics teachers of the twitter sphere did not disappoint.

I’ve put all of the responses in the storify post below. I’m thinking I will probably stick with carts and springs for one more year, but I’m also seriously thinking about just opening up the experiment to have students design their own experiments.

  1. I’m looking for new ideas for a paradigm experiment for unbalanced forces. How do you introduce students to N2L?
  2. @occam98 I do a qualitative introduction with carts, books, and spring scales. Then we use a sim for quantitative data.
  3. @fnoschese That’s pretty much what we do w/o the sim. I’m just wondering if there’s something that produces better data.
  4. @occam98 @fnoschese I get really good data with loose springs (1 N/m) using them to pull heavy (1 kg) carts. I’ll find my data.
  5. @rutherfordcasey @fnoschese that’s what we have. I can get good data. The kids can get ok data, and it tends to take a while.
  6. @occam98 @rutherfordcasey @fnoschese We do the half-Atwood. Good data. Half do a vs. m; half, a vs. Fnet. Need to discuss procedure 1st.
  7. @gcschmit @occam98 @fnoschese Here’s a summary I wrote, I think kids got good data too. I felt mod atw too complex
  8. @gcschmit @occam98 @rutherfordcasey Once the kids have a qualitative feel for it, do the kids HAVE to collect actual data themselves?
  9. @gcschmit @occam98 @rutherfordcasey Isn’t it more about the analysis, then? Use a sim, or give them data you collected ahead of time.
  10. @fnoschese @occam98 @rutherfordcasey Not to understand N2L. However, our N2L lab is a good stepping stone to CFPM lab with 3 indep. vars.
  11. @fnoschese @gcschmit @occam98 My bias, but prob wrong, is that kids buy it more with quantitative results.
  12. @fnoschese @occam98 @rutherfordcasey Absolutely; good point. We just skipped the friction lab to avoid misleading data.
  13. @fnoschese @occam98 @rutherfordcasey Thinking I should have found a sim instead of doing an interactive demonstration.
  14. @fnoschese btw, thanks for the bristle brush analogy for friction. Very effective this year. (@occam98 @rutherfordcasey)
  15. @occam98 @rutherfordcasey @fnoschese I set up ramp, have ss measure Fgincline w/spg scale then release cart. (1/2)
  16. @occam98 @rutherfordcasey @fnoschese Use motion detect to plot v/t to find a. Graph F vs a. Slope is m. (2/2)
  17. @occam98 Check out the N2Law lab from @VernierST in this doc. You can do it with wired F and a probes too.
  18. @occam98 @VernierST Agreed. Takes a 3 period lab down to one. @ChasDeremer used it as the paradigm lab in our summer workshop.
  19. @occam98 air track, mass tied to cart . 2 photo gates, measure a. 1) change mass (5 trials) 2) change weight of cart (5 trials). Graph,
  20. @occam98 I use modified Atwood machine with a motion detector.

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