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Profile of a visionary first faculty day

August 5, 2013
‘ve still got a few more weeks until school starts, but today I really enjoyed following tweets from my friend @boadams1, as he starts his new position at Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School.
MVPS’s opening represents something completely different from any faculty first day I’ve experienced. It’s clear that the leadership of the school devoted an incredible amount of time not just writing a thoughtful list of goals or inspiring set of speeches to kickoff the year, but instead created a day to be wholly experienced by the faculty and would draw everyone into the shared journey ahead.
I’m deeply impressed by this work and hope that it will inspire teachers and administrators everywhere to think how we craft shared faculty time.

MVPS opening of school

A profile of a great opening day for one school’s faculty.

  1. Imagine dance music. High energy at door. Does your school pre-planning look and sound like this? #MVPSchool
  2. Is your school year kicking off with faculty dance off?! #Mvpschool
  3. Head of School address #MVPSchool begins with amazing “How Might We…” Video of children responding like AT&T ads!
  4. With UbD in mind, #MVPSchool starts with desired outcome – MISSION! Love that this school breathes its bold mission
  5. Photo on 2013-08-05 at 11:27.jpg
  6. 6 Ideas for fulfilling #MVPSchool #MVmission 1) Start w/ a powerful question… HMW ___?
  7. #MVPSchool #MVmission 2) Serve the Team (faculty, students, staff, parents, community,…)
  8. So exciting to listen to @jbrettjacobsen giving #MVPSchool HoS address in powerful message format like #TED talk. Could be main stage!
  9. In spirit of Ship Ideas and embracing small failures to big success, #MVPSchool #MVmission launches “Mistake of Year”award for faculty.
  10. #MVPSchool #MVmission What does fulfillment of mission require of us? 5) Enjoy the Ride [1 of MVPS norms “Have Fun]

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  1. Malary Booker permalink
    October 8, 2013 9:29 pm

    I hope the school I will one day work at is as cool and organized as this one seems to be! The pictures really helped me visualize how much they care about their faculty and students. Thank you for this blog post!

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