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Re-designing the symbology of teaching

February 12, 2012

A big thanks to Bo Adams for tweeting this studio360 story about hiring a graphic design team to redesign the typical symbols of teaching—the apple, one room schoolhouse, ruler, etc, which are a very tired and cliche symbology of both school and teaching.

The story is excellent—I forgot how much I love listening to design teams talk about the process of their work. Even more incredible are the visuals, released under a CC-non-commercial license.

I love design—the metaphor of connecting the dots is an outstanding one. I’ve fancied myself as a designer from way back in high school when I spent a weekend laying out a program for a conference using PageMaker on a Mac Quadra, and it pains me to see how widely used comic sans is in the teaching world. This is why it’s great to see a group of professional designers give some time assist the teaching world, and why I’m even more thrilled to see the increasing emphasis on design and design thinking in schools. Check out the work of Studio H and Emily Pilloton (check out her great TED talk) to see just a glimpse of some of the incredible work going on.

How interesting would it be to take this challenge and give it to students as well? Could we rethink all the tired symbols of students and learning as well—the piles of books, lockers, dunce caps and more?

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  1. Becca permalink
    February 20, 2012 11:07 am

    I LOVE the “Teach Curiosity” one. I’m considering printing it out and hanging it on my wall. And I’m really enjoying their choice to use yellow. These are great.


  1. Make: Rebranding Teachers | M+S+D

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