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Announcing Paradigm: Matt Greenwolfe’s awesome program that actually turns excel into a useful tool to teach graphing

August 14, 2011

A month ago, I blogged about how Matt Greenwolfe had designed an awesome set of macros that turned stripped away all the chart junk and autoformatting for excel, and turned it into a powerful teaching tool for teaching and exploring graphical relationships. Matt has made many improvemements to the program, and renamed it Paradigm. At the moment, it still only works for windows, but I think we’re getting a better idea of how to make it work for Mac Office 2011. If you might be interested in helping out with the work to port this over to mac, please let me or Matt know.

Here’s the short video introduction I posted previously:

And heres the link to download Paradigm:

Paradigm Beta 8/22/2011

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  1. September 8, 2011 3:21 pm

    Hey John,
    Unfortunately, as I try to download this, it’s not working. I get an message warning me about macros. As I allow the macros, they disappear. Not sure what to do.


  2. September 19, 2011 12:46 pm

    I have downloaded this and used it, and i like it a lot. So do my students. Unfortunately, for me the macros are unstable and the program stops working. I’m using Excel 2007. I can’t edit it because it’s password protected – is there any chance of getting the password to tinker with it?

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