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Nascent vision of technology V: a quick concrete step

February 10, 2011

Matt Townsey over at MeTA musings just put up a great post about what role should administrators play in teacher collaboration? His approach is to attend teacher meetings, and only share his thoughts when asked. But in the background he is always asking this hugely important question:

“What do teachers need of me in order to better collaborate and go about their work?”

Imagine what would happen if every member of the IT department at your school, and not just the technology facilitators who are tasked to work directly with faculty did this same thing as part of their jobs. What if they went to just one class or teacher meeting a month or semester, and watched as faculty struggled with technology, or talked about how they might love to try this new project or that? Could this lead a network admin to some great insight about how to improve the overall network experience? Could this lead the help desk personnel to put together a quick set of instructions on how to scan from the copier? Could this be the path to innovation? I think so.

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