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An amazing week for professional development

January 15, 2011

We’ve had five school days cancelled by snow and ice around Atlanta. Ostensibly, school is a distant memory, and learning should have ground to a halt 2 days into this freak occurrence. I’ve been trapped in my house for five solid days, hoping for the day when the letter carrier would be brave enough to try to make it down my street and bring me a netflix. Yet, I feel as though I’ve learned more in the past week and grown more professionally that I have almost all year. How can this be?

What has been clear is that I and many of my colleaugues have had more time to connect, to share ideas, reflect and experiment. I’ve been able to look over my colleagues’ Algebra I exams with a detailed eye, and think about how I can reinforce the skills they are developing now in my course next year. I’ve had a chance to try out distance education by learning about evolution and absolute zero with students and other teachers.

A handful of faculty at nearby schools launched an initiative to bring the stories of education to the forefront of the educational debate. Simultaneously, plans are being made to develop a program to screen Race to Nowhere for educators at a nearby school.

A and I have finalized our grant for the Mindset Project, along with the parental information letter, so we are weeks away from sending a 40 person research team, composed of entirely of high school students, into our middle and elementary school to study 300 5th and 6th graders.

I’ve lost count of all the new ideas I’ve learned from reading the tweets and blogs of my colleagues. My count of draft blog posts has soared from 5 to almost 20, which is a very good reflection of just how many things I find myself thinking about now.

I’ve learned so much, and I can’t wait to ask my students in their weekly feedback what they learned over their snowcations.

What is the common thread? Twitter? Technology? Time? or Thoughtfulness? And how can we make room for more of it when we fall back into the daily rhythm of class?

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  1. January 15, 2011 10:36 pm

    I am dangerous on days off. I read & research and try to find new ideas or new toys for class


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