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3-six-5 ATL.EDU and the power of Twitter

January 9, 2011

3-six-5 is the latest rage among many of my colleagues. The idea is that people around the world take turns writing 1 post on a given day on a shared blog for a year, giving you 365 different points of view. I’ve seen this, I’ve thought it was cool, and I’ve wondered what I would write.

Today, I saw a tweet by a colleauge at another school, @mmhoward, who said

It’s a very interesting project, one that I think would be fascinating do to in a K-12 w/ parents, edus, stus.

This got me thinking and tweeting

set up blog for atlanta area education. Public/private/charter, big/small. Maybe AJC would be interested…

And then it took off. By tonight, we had half a dozen faculty from 3 different schools interested in this project, and plans to link our communications departments to work together to make this happen.

I think this is going to be big. Everyone wants to talk about education these days, and it’s time that the conversation expanded beyond Arnie Duncan, Michelle Rhee, and Bill Gates. Will this be the thing that changes the whole conversation? Not likely, but it is a great start.

A year ago, I truly thought twitter to be pretty inane. I get email, I do RSS, I’ve got all the internet I need, thank you. I can now admit that I was deeply wrong. There’s something there about linking ideas easily 140 characters at a time that makes awesome stuff happen effortlessly.

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  1. January 10, 2011 1:51 pm

    I agree about the power and potential of Twitter. When I heard it described as “micro-blogging,” a lot clicked for me. I often describe Twitter as my most powerful web 2.0 thought-provoker of the last six months. Also, I am excited by Edu365.


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