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Mindset project update

November 24, 2010

Our mindset project is now in full swing. On Monday, we had a writing workshop attended by 25 or so of our 40 researchers. We quickly broke the kids into their writing groups and then told them that collectively we were going to write over 1500 words today. My colleague, A, and I then went around talking to groups individually about what they were writing. We had so many great discussions about crossover, double-blind, and placebo effect, just to name a few. The kids were incredible, and when we were done, we’d written more than 1500 words in the google doc—it was awesome for the kids to watch each other editing live. I truly think we are changing how some kids see writing, allowing them to see it as a collaborative, exercise of stepwise refinement, rather than slaving over one sentence that drives one to such exhaustion that students feel then need to “recover” by going to facebook for 5 minutes and repeating this process ad-infinitum.

It looks like we’re on track to get the proposal done in mid December, and we’re now in the process of planning a field trip to a psychology research lab at Emory, where the students might get to see a fMRI machine and learn how psychologists use it to get real time images of brain blood flow.

A and I are also working on a survey of our researchers to see how they’re enjoying the project, what they’re getting out of it and what direction they might want to see it move in. It really feels like we are designing a course.

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  1. Bob Ryshke permalink
    November 27, 2010 12:46 pm

    Good work on this mindset project. I think along the path you will find many startling insghts to how students learn and how to open them up to new ways of seeing the learning environment. At least that seems to be one of your goals.

    Keep us posted.



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