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Mindset study: digging into science

October 19, 2010

We had our first official meeting of the students working on the Mindset Study Project on monday, and it went really well. To prepare, we had the kids read two papers, one popular summary of Dweck’s most famous work, and second, the original scientific paper it was based on (links below). Then we had them break into small groups and discuss a set of reading questions. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had kids read original scientific papers, and I must say I came away very impressed with how much the kids got out of the the article. They were basically able to summarize each of the 6 studies Dweck carried out, and discuss in some detail the rationale for why she designed the studies the way she did.

During our next meeting A and I are going to make our students research subjects themselves, and conduct a study I found online about how thinking about experiences is more correlated with happiness than thinking about material goods (pdf). Then it’s time to start writing the formal research proposal.

Today I was also interviewed by the school newspaper, so we’re starting to get some press.

Articles we read:

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