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Welcome to the Mindset Study Project

October 14, 2010

We just launched the Mindset Research Project by sending out the following email to 40 students. Yep, 40 students were interested in doing original scientific research (5% of my school). Holy Cow. Although we had the kids complete an application, we admitted everyone (our first psychology experiment), and when I get a chance I’ll post some of the more interesting responses to our survey. We’re now moving forward with how to get parental permission for children to particiapte in the project and whether we need to get IRB review.

First official meeting: Monday, October 18. (here’s hoping my child can hold off for just a little bit longer).

Dear Student,

We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected as a researcher for the Mindset Study Project at Westminster. We have assembled a team of over 30 well qualified students to carry out this project, and we are deeply impressed by the enthusiasm you’ve shown both individually and collectively.

We would like to hold our first meeting this coming Monday, October 18 during backwork in Warren Lecture Hall (we will begin at 2:45). To prepare for this meeting, we would like you to read two articles. The first, an article from New York Magazine, titled “How Not to Talk to your Kids,” is a popular account of some of Professor Dweck’s early research. The second is a more formal paper by professor Dweck that describes this research in more detail. You can find the links to both articles at the bottom of this email.

You should read the second scientific paper carefully, with a pen in hand, taking notes in the margins with ideas and questions you will want to raise in our meeting this Tuesday. You probably should skip some of the more detailed sections discussing the statistical analysis of  the results, but you should pay careful attention to the graphs.

Also, if you do not already have a google account, you should create one, as we will soon be using google docs to write our research proposal to the administration.

Again, we are thrilled that you will be a part of this project, and are greatly looking forward to the contributions you will make to this endeavor, and the great discoveries we will make collectively.

Best wishes,
Dr. Moore and Mr. Burk

Articles to read for Monday:




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