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They know where I live!

October 10, 2010

Inspired by the new WCYDWT science blog, I decided to make this video:

And I challenged the kids to figure out where I live. A few days later, I got a post fingering the mexican food store near my house, and then a few minutes later, my exact address. Flabberghasted, I asked the student how he did it:

I saw the Varsity after a while when you were on the freeway. I then knew which direction you had to be traveling. I was able to count the exits back, see the turns the freeway made you take, and was able to roughly judge the distance traveled from how long you were maintaining a certain speed. When you were going onto the freeway, I saw a gas station(chevron?) and that gave away your exit. I also noticed the white picket fence as a landmark, and used google street view when I thought that I was close in where you lived. Also, google street view gave away your car, but I wasn’t sure which house the driveway was connected to.

Ok, so he didn’t integrate the reading on my speedometer for 15 minutes and figure out my address, but nonetheless, I’m impressed.

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