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Starting to love twitter

September 23, 2010

So today, I saw a very intriguing tweet about a technology faculty support committee from Phillip Cook at Culver Academies, and after a few short clarifying questions, I thought to myself, this is just what we need at my school. We have one edtech person in the high school with a faculty of at least 100, and she has to teach a couple of CS courses. Then we have a huge IT department, but they’re very busy with keeping everything running. What I think would really move the technology needle at my school would be a bunch of well respected teachers getting up and giving short, hands on presentations about how they use google docs to assign/grade english papers, or how you can do quick surveys in google spreadsheets, how to start using blogs in class, or a million other things. The point is that they’d be optional, archived on a blog for later reference and delivered by people who are in the “trenches” fighting with their laptops and smartboards every day.

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