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September 21, 2010

Ok, so I’ve been playing snippets from Radiolab for my class, showing them bits of TED talks, and doing everything short of dancing on my head to get them to get off the stress treadmill and lead a low-stress, change the world life. And the results have been fairly predictable—high school kids are busy, and they don’t take the time to listen to a podcast about people rescuing a whale, even if it is amazing. But then, today, I got this email:

After you talked about “How to Become a High School Superstar” in class and posted it in the blog I decided to buy it. I haven’t gotten all the way through it but what I’ve read so far has really interested/inspired me. What I need is a way to get started. I’m interested in psychological sciences; I heard the radiolab podcast and thought the story about the whale was absolutely fascinating. I also ask myself a lot of questions about why people do things and what they think in reaction to certain stimuli, etc. How can I expose myself to this to see if it’s really something I can develop a deep interest for? I’m going to try to start reading about this and other types of science and reflect on them on my blog, which I know is a step in the “under scheduled life” process. What I really need help with is getting in contact with real life people who can expose me more to this topic. If you could help me out with thinking of ways to do that I would be sooo happy. 🙂

Awesome. All it takes is one.

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