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My Idea Journal

September 12, 2010

When I read Dan Meyer’s post on Teaching WCYDWT about how he takes cool ideas and turns them into awesome lessons, I was amazed. An idea journal—so simple, so useful. So in the spirit of collaboration, I’m posting my idea journal online. It’s not much, yet, and I never seem to have time to go back and flesh these ideas out, but it is a start.

Quantum Progress’s Idea Journal

Also, as Dan has said time and time again, delicious is awesome. I really need to find a way to make myself go back through these bookmarks and do something with them.

Quantum Progresses’s delicious links

Three other tools I love for wrangling the firehose of cool things on the interwebs into something digestable are:

  • Instapaper—too long, didn’t read getting you down? Instapaper it. Also be sure to download the iphone app, so you can read on the go.
  • Wacchen—instapaper for videos. Way cool.
  • Huffduffer—is there a cool audio interview you don’t have time to listen to on the computer? Just huffduff it, and it will become your very own personal podcast, for listening on the go.
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