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2 Visits in 1 day

September 10, 2010

Yesterday, I had not one by two visitors in my class. First was B, a math teacher who has graciously agreed to be my teaching peer this year. He got to see me spend 30 minutes trying to quell a mini riot over grading, and then watch another 30 minutes of kids sitting while we discussed how you describe forces so that you can settle epic science battles. A bit disappointing for me, personally, since the kids were in their seats, but I hope it was interesting.

Later in the day, my department chair, J came by, to observe my second honors class, and we had the timing thing down. I don’t want to go all uber-discipline on my class, but I do find that if given the chance, my kids would blow 20 minutes trying to make the perfect FBD for their whiteboards, so I have my cube timer (I most often use it on myself to contain my lectures/rants—the kids love this), and I say, you’ve got 5 minutes before we circle up. You can see the discussion in my Epic Battles of Science post. Suffice it to say, it was an awesome discussion—there’s no way I can think of other than this to get kids to really uncover the really, really deep misconceptions they carry about the world, agree on them, and then turn them completely inside out.

So, for my future reference, here are my department chair’s notes. Fun day.

Here are B’s notes on my other class.

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